Saturday, July 12, 2008

I always thought Sofie's Choice was about abortion.

Apparently it's not.

Also, I just watched Interview With A Vampire for the first time. It was good. But, damn. Tom Cruise just wouldn't go away. Kinda like in RL.

OMG, DW was SO AWESOME! Yes, all caps awesome. The banging, and the copying, and the simultanious talking. Whee! I vote it as one of the best of New Who. And next week is Rose. It's so hard not seeing spoilers for the final 3 eps. Ergh!

SGA was pretty okay. Yay for certain things. Boo for other, more cliched, things. You know the ones.

We're finally mobile. Got the car registered and new plates... probably bounced a check to do it. But, oh well.

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