Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And by 'deal with the devil' I mean get your coat.

Here is my set up at the latest show. Usually we have black fabric hung up along the sides, but it was way too hot and windy, so we took our sides off.

I also made a new bowl. This is the first of the large size that I've done without snakes. I'm really liking the duel colors.
In non work related news... the car is broken again. Who knows what's with it this time.
Stargate Atlantis has been cancelled. I'm... not that sad about it.
Psych has been awesome lately. Like the awesome thing that it is.
I wish blogger had a friends page like live journal. Or does it and I'm just blind?
In work related news again... but not totally my work because it doesn't involve bowls or paper mache. Today I spent the whole day cutting out dragonfly wings and priming brids and fish. Sounds fun, huh?

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Ildiko said...

i like your colorful bowls with and without snakes!they are radiant!