Saturday, August 30, 2008

Help! I can't swim in jelly as far as I know.

Life. So boring.

Today was a complete waste.

Watched Jaws. Best movie ever. For srs. It's the only movie that I can watch repeatedly.

Watched Primeval. Total sadness. Dude. What was up with that ending? Why must British shows continually break me?

Was reminded how much love I have for Blades of Glory. Almost perfect.

Saw NPH on The Late Show. Was depressing... no one seemed very happy he was there. I was very happy. He's awesomesauce. And I can't wait for the new season of HIMYM.

I also can't wait for the new seasons of The New Adventures of Old Christine and Bones and... other shows. Not really House though? I don't know if I can take House and Wilson being broken up.

See? Total waste of a day.

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