Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nope, no Blackulas.

I love Dr. O and the Triad. They make any episode way better. ...They're working on S4! OhEmGee. *so excited* Really. That typed sarcastic, but it wasn't meant to be.

I really need to look at my facebook page more often. There's so many people I don't have contact with anymore. Lame.

Eeek! I'm being attacked my a huge june bug. It's bumping into everything. Also lame.

The yahoo list that I'm on for SGA disliked Chelsea Handler's interview with Joe Flanigan. Now, I like Chelsea Handler. And I sort of dislike The Flan... so I thought their comments about how she's so raunchy and made poor ittle Joe uncomfortable to be rather rude.

Also rather rude: The person at the BMV. Had to get another learners permit... and they took away my photo ID! How rude! Apparently it is now illegal to have two forms of ID in IN. Suckage. I really liked that photo ID... and it didn't expire until 2012. What a waste of money.

I hate my dial up connection. Ergh! It fails me when I need it the most. Like watching Joss's newest awesome creation. I mean, NPH and Joss Wheadon? That's like chocolate and peanut butter all over again. *sigh*

So... Here's a picture of my cat. Enjoy.
Butch!Cat says 'Mrrayh!'
(I took it through the screen. That's why it's all... square-ish.)

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