Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Super Runaway!

Geesh! Three entries in and I'm already neglecting this blog.

Let us go back then, shall we? Back to... the beginning!

This is one of the first bowls I made... way back in the middle of '05. Somehow over the years I feel as though my snakes have become... well, let's say 'cute' for lack of a better word. I like how the early ones looked. Maybe it's the far apart eyes. Anyway, the first bowls only came in two sizes, which are now the medium size bowls. And they had teeth. (my fathers suggestion.) And nose holes... I don't know where those went. But the rest is basically the same.

Here's a more recent bowl, from '07. I have been trying to go back to the flatter heads, they'll be aound in the next batch of bowls. I'm not really sure how I feel about the more rounded, fatter heads. They're okay, but maybe a bit too cartoon-ish.

Back when I started I also made a few fish bowls. They were never really what I wanted, so only around five were made. Collectors item!

Let's so... what else has been going on? Robin Hood had one awesome episode and one that was very disapointing. Hopefully the finale will be awesome.

Doctor Who has been fantastic. Can't wait for Friday to see the conclusion of that finale!

And Psych is back! Yay!

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