Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grr. Wholesale/Retail

It's so... bothersome.

I'd much, much rather wholesale. But no one buys enough. Well, truthfully no one buys enough retail-ly either. *shrug*

Anyway, the problem with retailing and wholesaling is that wholesale buyers sometimes won't even buy from you if you retail. And they want you to mark up at least 2.5x, but preferably 3x.

It used to be 2x markup. And then stores needed more money. So the bowl that they buy for $40 is marked up to $100 or more instead of $80 like it used to be.

It makes me really worried about my wholesale prices. Like... that they're not low enough. I mean, they are what they are, but me not being an upscale gallery makes it hard to consistantly sell lookyloos at the paltry artshows I do on a bowl measuring 4.5" x 2" being $54.

In other news... I've started doing some 'basic' bowls. Ones that are just painted, with out any moulded designs on them. They take less time, but still have the fun look.

Also. Everyone should be watching Pushing Daisies. It is super awesome and, like, the best show on TV.

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