Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some think it's noise. I think it's pretty.

I've tried to update this dang thing like... 5 times. Blergh.

I'm thinking of having a 35% off sale at my etsy store. starting around Thanksgiving, when I come back from my final show for the year.

Anyway, 35% off sounds like a good point between full price and half off?

'Nuff with work.

What else has been going on? Hmmm....

iGo To Japan was pretty funny. Opossi. French puppets.

I'm totally in love with John Barrowman singing 'I Am What I Am'. *guh*

So glad to have 30Rock back. Not!Oprah.

I'm actually really getting into Heroes. Must rent the first two season. ...I'm really just really getting into ZQ. *hawt*

Save Pushing Daisies! We don't want this wonderful show cancelled! Write a letter to ABC this week!

Hmm... what else happened?

Oh, yeah. Our country elected it's first black president. Yay us! :D

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